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Hidden Object, Where are the Listeners?

School kids, hidden object listener

As school comes to an end for the 2014, lots of you will be gearing up for summer fun! The students in the picture above just couldn’t wait to spend some time outdoors, and are catching a musical break with their toy flute. This hidden object puzzle asks: Can you find the listeners?

3 Comments to “Hidden Object, Where are the Listeners?”

  1. andy75043 | Profile

    I see four I’m sure of: one behind the girl’s shoulder, another behind her head, a third between her chest and the blue-shirted boy’s shoulder, and the fourth by the red-shirted boy’s shoulder. If there are any others, the color shading is too subtle for me to see them.

  2. andy75043 | Profile

    No, I lie; I see a fifth in front of her face.

  3. rvander74 | Profile

    Sitting behind

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