School-Safe Puzzle Games Update 2014


Wanted to say Hi to old & new friends of alike, and wish everyone a healthy & happy 2014.

Couple of items:

  • The Grabarchuks have just released an AMAZING collection of their puzzles for iOS devices. It called Puzzlium: Prologue, and what an incredible bargain for only 99 cents. Rumor has it there are many intriguing updates coming this year for the Puzzlium app! ;)
  • It’s been a challenge to update the site as frequently as I used to. Nonetheless, hope to have a neat puzzle or brain teaser up every few weeks. If you have an original that you’d like to submit, that would be most welcome! email me at
  • The site has become quite popular with teachers and their students. Many of the games are accessed from school computers. Teachers: if there are any special requests, or things you’d like to see on Smart-Kit, please let me know  Before 2014 is over, will be adding a few more great games- all school-safe of course!

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  1. Falwan | Profile

    Hello to everybody…
    Wish you happyness and peace.

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