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A Piece of Work


Mia and Emily can do a piece of work in twenty-four days. If Mia can do only two-thirds as much as Emily, how long will it take each of them do the work alone?


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  1. engjs1960 | Profile

    Emily does 3/5 of the work in 24 days, so it would take her 40 days to do the whole. Mia does 2/5 of the work in 24 days, so it would take her 60 days to do the whole.

  2. andy75043 | Profile

    Set X to half of what Mia can do in a day, then in one day Mia can do 2X and Emily 3X, for a daily total between them of 5X; the total task, which takes both of them 24 days, is 120X. Working alone, then, Mia could do it in 60 days or Emily in 40.

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