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Hidden Star

A perfectly symmetrical star is hidden in the design above; can you find it?

Feel free to print the picture above, it may make the puzzle easier to solve…

Answers to this challenge can be entered into the section below; submissions will automatically be revealed when time is up!

14 Comments to “Hidden Star”

  1. Whiterabbit35 | Profile

    Where is the answer?

  2. shaks | Profile

    good question – I’ve been waiting to see where the star is – this one stumped me

  3. RK | Founder | Profile

    Hi guys-suineg has a nice picture he sent over-will try to put it up later when I’m back at my home computer

  4. RK | Founder | Profile

    Here’s Suineg’s Star:

    Adam’s has it also! (for some reason, his comment didn’t show through immediately)

  5. Hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    My star:

    Oops…I should have changed the file name to cover up my act!

    On another note: star_suineg -> genius_rats
    No offense meant Suineg, but that struck me quite surprisingly.

  6. purple | Profile

    where is the answer????

  7. frintorn | Profile

    i can’t find it :o

  8. rkmurphy | Profile

    Middle right corner.

  9. sabitmaulana | Profile

    you can see in the right corner

  10. theeteempire | Profile

    I don’t fined it

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