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Grow Valley

Grow Valley

The growing game Grow Valley challenges you to grow the civilization in the valley to the max. The story has 2 endings, try to accomplish them both.

3 Comments to “Grow Valley”

  1. abcbcdcdef | Profile

    solved it in three times, though I have to admit it’s partly by luck;
    anyways the solution(spoiler warning):

    2715364(left to right 1-7)

  2. RK | Founder | Profile

    very nice abcbcdcdef, it was neat to see what happens when all levels maxed out.

  3. smartie | Profile

    Most flourishing and eco-friendly option i have found to be is:

    1- Planning, (second block).
    2- Building, (last block).
    3- Technology and electrical, (first block).
    4- Exploration of nature and Science engineering, (third block).
    5- Investigative matters, (sixth block).
    6- Science and tech skills, (fifth block).
    7- Medical advances, (seventh block).

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