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Exotic Fruits Picture Quiz

Exotic Fruits Quiz


exotic Fruit Quiz

Can you figure out the exotic fruits below?

When you type in a correct answer, the 'answer box' will change to a blue color.

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  • fruit quiz picture 1

    Used to make Granadine syrup. Common motif in many religious decorations.


  • Frequently used as a hair conditioner


  • fruit quiz picture 3

    Used to make chutneys


  • fruit quiz picture 4

    Due to it's very short shelf life, hardly ever sold in supermarkets.


  • fruit quiz picture 5

    Due to its high level of pectin, used to make candies, jams, jellies, and preserves.


  • fruit quiz picture 6

    Some people find it tastes like commercial bubblegum.


  • fruit quiz picture 7

    Grow on Cacti Plants


  • fruit quiz picture 8

    Comes from a tropical evergreen tree


  • fruit quiz picture 9

    Often added to other fruit juices to enhance the aroma


  • fruit quiz picture 10

    Extensively grown in China


  • fruit quiz picture 11

    Revered as the "king of fruits" in Asia. While the fruit has an almond custard taste, many find the intense odor disgusting.


  • fruit quiz picture 12

    Small citrus.


  • fruit quiz picture 13

    The peel contains the same chemical present in poison ivy that causes a dermatitis.


  • exotic fruit quiz picture 14

    Like grapefruit, can potently inhibit several important liver enzymes.


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