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The Man in the coffee beans: Can you find him?

Can you find the man’s face hidden in the coffee beans?

face hidden in the coffee beans

This is the famous picture puzzle involving the ‘Man in the Coffee Beans’. Interestingly, many people come to this picture, stare at it for 2-3 minutes, and swear “There is no man in the coffee beans!!”.

Not True.

I promise you, he is there, and once you find him, you will slap yourself on the forehead. It’s just that he is very cleverly hidden.

While this is one the better hidden picture puzzles I’ve come across, these 3 may actually top it:

1) Where is the Turk?

2) Where are the 3 boys?

3) Where are the Ubrigen smokers?

4) This one is tough, but in a lateral thinking kind of way:  the Hidden Sad Clown Face.


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8 Comments to “The Man in the coffee beans: Can you find him?”

  1. cherry | Guest

    hes in the bottom left more torwards the center its a bald mans head and some face sticking out

  2. Shelby | Guest

    it took me 5 seconds! hes in the bottom left-hand corner. hes bald and has bushy eyebrows. :]

  3. Javed Raj | Guest

    I had to cheat,

    and I thought was smart, Damnit.

    I know my IQ was 140 at age 9 too,

    just shows the value of them tests.

  4. brooklyn | Guest

    i thought it was trick didnt think there was actually a real picture of man hidden within the beans

  5. yasmeenx2x | Profile

    i found him

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