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Find the Fault: Old Desk

This puzzle card shows what you might see on a desk from the 1930s. However, even for an old desk, something just isn’t right. Can you find the fault?

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Very few were able to answer Suineg’s math balance problem, so will leave that up a bit longer.

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51 Comments to “Find the Fault: Old Desk”

  1. Obiwan | Profile

    June 31st or July 1st?

  2. scottk | Profile

    not 31 days in june lol. I’d also say that though I can’t see it well, it looks as if the chord on the phone is connected to the handle but not the receiver.

  3. davidpw97 | Profile

    June doesn’t have 31 days.

  4. euroblast | Profile

    Even during the prohibition 365 was the standard and February was not relieved by June.

  5. aaronlau | Profile

    there is no June 31.

  6. rajjo | Profile

    The fault is in the calender.
    June month has 30 days and not 31 days as in the calender.

  7. Migrated | Profile

    There is no such thing as the 31st of June, which is displayed on the calendar.

  8. zzzdude | Profile

    JUNE 31ST?!?

  9. eleceyes | Profile

    June 31st :D

  10. ahsergio | Profile

    june has only 30 days

  11. stathis_p | Profile

    This one is really easy. The calendar says June 31. There are only 30 days in June.

  12. jae113 | Profile

    30 day has September, April, JUNE and November ….

  13. katiem | Profile


  14. Adelaide93 | Profile

    The date on the calendar is wrong. There isn’t a 31st of June.

  15. trunicated | Profile

    There are only 30 days in June!

  16. abcbcdcdef | Profile

    I am not sure if there is anymore, other than “June not having a 31st”

  17. ruddwd | Profile

    June only has 30 Days.

  18. doar823 | Profile

    There is no 31st of June

  19. maikran | Profile

    The office diary shows June 31st, not a valid date though!

  20. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile

    June 31

  21. Someone | Profile

    Too easy, June only has 30 days

  22. midnightmuse | Profile

    the date is wrong; there is no 31st of June

  23. jimmy7798 | Profile

    only 30 days in june calendar says june 31st

  24. hex | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    June is 28 days

  25. mimi112 | Profile

    31 JUNE..June has only 30 days

  26. alderney girl | Profile

    No chair and wrong type of telephone for the era

  27. pjwhite530 | Profile

    June only has 30 days. Calendar says June 31.

  28. aloha_breeze | Profile

    The month of June doesn’t have 31 days.

  29. BillyPilgrim | Profile

    Where did this person find a calendar with June 31st?

    I’d say the flavor text “even for an old desk” gives this away…

  30. Kllr Wolf | Profile

    I see two errors. One is the date, June only has 30 days. The second is the phone. It appears the handset is plugged directly into the jack instead of being connected to the base.

  31. fuzzy | Profile

    I’m not sure, but it looks like a ballpoint pen there. They were using fountain pens then.

  32. suineg | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    the calendar is wrong, June has 30 days jaja cool.

  33. Lucid | Profile

    There’s only 30 days in June…?

  34. auntmei | Profile

    June 31!

  35. alexc | Profile

    June 31 isn’t on the calendar, regardless of year

  36. barftud | Profile

    Unless they work an extra day in that universe, the calendar is incorrect.

  37. joe | Profile

    …30 days has June …

    Although at first the wire coming out of the handpiece of the telephone looked wrong. It seems to be going to the wall outlet instead of back into the base of the phone.

  38. sven254 | Profile

    The are only 30 days in June, not 31.

  39. RK | Founder | Profile

    Very good, June 31st isn’t on the calendar!

  40. MFox | Profile

    Clearly, as I read through the Comments, the desired answer was the thing about June 31. The first thing I noticed, though, since I was focused on the desk itself, is that the perspective was off. Sure enough, when I extended the lines using photoshop, it turns out the the parallel lines of the desk are not in fact parallel. I linked to the photoshopped image here:

  41. frogqueen99 | Profile

    there isonly 30 days in june. EASY

  42. Tsopi | Profile

    June do not have 31 days

  43. mysticalace8 | Profile

    June 31 does not exist. That was pretty easy.

  44. hoopstergirl3 | Profile

    June only has 30 days in it!!!!!!!!!111

  45. megha03 | Profile

    june doesnt’t have 31 days..!

  46. bhieko25nadine | Profile

    .the calendar. because there are 30 days in the month of june..:D

  47. mongoose | Profile

    Yes the calendar is wrong.

  48. ZV | Profile

    The calendar has an invalid date. June has only 30 days.

  49. blazingflower234 | Profile

    There is no such thing as “June 31.”

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