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Pyramid Scheme

What is the missing letter?

Puzzle concept by Forrest Franz

Answers can be entered below in ‘comment’ section, but won’t show for a day or 2 so as to not spoil the fun, thanks.

14 Comments to “Pyramid Scheme”

  1. abcbcdcdef | Profile


    forming the words: band, bane, bare, Bart, Bert, bere, bent and bend

    Yet most of the words are not used oftenly, I wondered if it is right…

  2. bizarette18 | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile


  3. Shawn | PUZZLE GRANDMASTER | Profile


    If you follow the flow of letters down the triangle in order from top to bottom, inserting “w” as the first letter yields an English word for every combination. From left to right:


    Wert shows up in the dictionary as an archaic form of “to be.” Not the cleanest word in the group, but it’ll do.

  4. SolarFlare | Profile

    The missing letter is W.

    Explanation is as follows. Eight 4 letter words can be formed by reading from the top of the triangle to the bottom such that successive letters are immediately below the preceding letter. As we don’t have the top letter we don’t know the first letter of any of these words. The words are:


    The only letter which completes all of these words is ‘W’. (“Wert” is a bit obscure but is in the dictionary. It’s an archaic word used with the 2nd person singular.)

  5. tad | Profile

    I think it’s W.
    If you start with the W at the top and go down following any direction you can make 8 words:

    Wand, Wane, Wart, Ware, Were, Wert, Went, Wend

    Wert and Wend seem to be a little out of place though, since there not as common as the others.

  6. Kira | Profile


    because you can get

    wand, wane, ware, wart, were, wert, went and wend

  7. Dersh | Profile

    Is is not “B”?

  8. michaelc | Profile

    How about a “B”?

  9. rathersane | Profile

    If the goal is to spell a multitude of four-letter words, the missing letter has to be B.

  10. NitzOO | Profile

    I think the missing letter is S.

  11. falwan | Profile

    B ?! or S ?!

    No idea what the concept of it is, but that is the closest I have in mind…

    Band – Bend or Sand – Send ?!!

    What the heck ?!!

  12. T | Profile


    If you follow a path of adjacent letters downwards, starting with W, it can make a 4 letter word no matter which combination is chosen.

    You get:


    Wert is fairly archaic and wend is uncommon but they are still words.

    Every letter in the alphabet other than W makes at least one combination that’s not a word. My reasoning is that the oddest combination ERE can only make a word with W and H, and H fails because Hert and Hend are not words.

  13. PMiLLz | Profile

    The missing letter is ‘W’.

  14. RK | Profile

    The answer we had in mind was ‘W’ – as SolarFlare, tad, Shawn, and T explain.

    B, however, is also good

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