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Life is like…

For this one, can you spot all 11 differences? (Click on picture below to jump to high resolution)

To give others a chance to answer, how about each puzzle commenter post just 1 difference? (comments will go live immediately, no moderation




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14 Comments to “Life is like…”

  1. doar823 | Profile

    the black one with white stripes 3 chocolates down and one chocolate right is missing a couple of stripes

  2. mroth01 | Profile

    the center chocolate is different

  3. SolarFlare | Profile

    At bottom right, the roughly heart-shaped choc wrapped in pale gold foil is turned to the right in picture 1 and to the left in picture 2.

  4. da Moose | Profile

    The rectangular chocolate – top row, fourth from the left – is different.

  5. lograh | Profile

    the half-chocolate in the “top” row (quoted since you can see a slight bit of a chocolate above it) to the far left has nuts in the bottom picture but not in the top.

    also, I didn’t want chocolates before this puzzle but now I do, so that’s a twelfth difference. :)

  6. SoloSalsa | Profile

    third column from left, fifth row from top:
    chocolate with light pink stripes is rotated counter-clockwise

  7. Poynter-Jones | Profile

    I’ve spent weeks going through the site and decided it was about time I actually registered and tried some of the puzzles with everyone else.
    I do have the picture with all the circled differences, but I’ll not post it, let people figure it themselves.

    Top row, third in from the left has a different pattern on it.

  8. zzzdude | Profile

    Bottom right corner, not that chocolate, that is partially showing, but the one to the immediate left. Before has peanuts, after is rather smoother and less chunky.

  9. Kira | Profile

    Along the left edge, the half-chocolate that’s 4th from the bottom (or 3rd, if you don’t count the tiny chocolate piece in the bottom left corner) – has pink stripes in the top photo, but no stripes in the bottom one

  10. RK | Profile

    Welcome aboard, Poynter-Jones :)

    we may open up a forum fairly soon where regulars can visit with each other, play forum games, make site suggestions, etc.. we’ll see

  11. John Lewis Highsmith | Profile

    The piece between the two with the red wrap.

  12. RK | Profile

    in case you wanted to see the solutioin pictorially, check out falwan’s nice link below

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