School-Safe Puzzle Games

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  1. Where is the Astronomer?

    raybearmass | Profile

    the small boy, due to the position of the eyepiece on the telescope

  2. Heavy Fish

    soumen023 | Profile

    3 heaviest = 35/100
    3 lightest = 25/100 (5/13 of remaining => 25/65 of remaining)
    1 – (35+25)/100 = 40/100 weight remaining
    On Average Each fish should weigh less than 1/3 of 35/100 or 12
    and also weigh more than 1/3 of 25/100 or 8
    Hence 4 fishes should b remaining
    So a total of 10 fishes was caught.

  3. Monday Morning Warm up

    bcrox | Profile

    +sign in center and upward arrow in top right corner

  4. Shaped Matrix Puzzle- Triangles & Circles

    bcrox | Profile

    D to me it seems that no same marked circle would appear twice with in the same line or column, a little like sudoku, as well as each line and column has 2 sets of diagonally opposed triangles and 1 with both triangles at the base.

  5. Guess the star colors

    bcrox | Profile

    Filling the empty boxes left to right would be green star, pink star, yellow star

  6. A Unique Blend

    bcrox | Profile

    70 pounds @320 plus 30 pounds @ 400 will give 100 pounds sold for 430 per pound will give a 25% profit

  7. Van houten’s Septum Coin Puzzle

    bcrox | Profile

    Just place coin on 1 piont then continue placing then on next piont following the the line that leads towards the next uncovered piont and keep repeating!

  8. Captured in the Forest…

    soumen023 | Profile

    he says, “i will be fried in oil”.

  9. Jack & The Beanstalk

    soumen023 | Profile

    50 seconds he will take