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  1. IQ test question: Which figure continues the series?

    fafa | Profile

    we have 3 step in each level and we should 2 for + and 1 for = in one time and 2 for = and one for + in onother one

  2. Where is the Painter?

    Ceezy | Profile

    Behind the trees and shrubs

  3. The Goat Problem

    Guggs | Profile

    The area of grass the goat can eat is 5,729.52 sq ft and is made up of three separate sections:
    1. 3/4 of a circle produced by the goats 45 ft tether = 4,771.30 sq ft
    2. 2 segments of a circle of radius 25 ft centred at nearest corners
    = 866.66 sq ft
    3. 2 triangles to complete the common area eaten from clockwise and anticlockwise grazing by the goat = 91.55 sq ft

  4. The encircled goat puzzle

    Guggs | Profile

    The answer to this goat in a firld problem is 115.87 m and doesn’t require the radius of the feild to be used in the equation, since once the radio of the field radius and goat tethher is computes it’s a simple mater of multiplying by 100 – see proof at link to

  5. Guess the star colors

    Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Are we sure the yellow box doesn’t already have a yellow star in it? What if the question were “How many boxes are missing their stars in this pattern?”? Would the answer be 2 or 3?

  6. crossing the river puzzle

    Sarvesh Racktoo | Profile

    hhhhhh i got it but i don’t want to reveal it lolll…… :D

  7. The Tower

    y3llowfl4sh | Profile

    Only one jailer visit them to provide them with food. the first prisoner didn’t take his food at the fifth day which is the number of cities he sees from his cell. the second will notice that and sum both the cities he sees plus the 5 which corresponds to the number of evening it took for the other to hunger strike. since each look at half of the cities so the total number would be 10

  8. How old?

    tomlaidlaw | Profile

    (year of birth)+(year of birth)/29 >1900
    it doesn’t take many tries before we come up with:
    1856+64=1920, so she was 44 in 1900.

  9. Cutting into 7 pieces

    tomlaidlaw | Profile

    I think there is a rule somewhere that says at least three cuts are needed to make seven pieces. Since the paper cannot be folded or bent so after the first cut the two pieces woujld be stacked for the second cut. I’m sure I could do it with actual paper but I’m having trouble seeing it in my head only.

  10. The Involuting Goat

    tomlaidlaw | Profile

    L=length of rope
    As other answers have shown, this is a calculus problem. After reviewing many sites with this problem I have found an easy equation for deriving the area of the involute of the circle. Using that makes this puzzle easy. The formula is:
    This cubic equation gives 3 roots, two of which are negative so unusable. The positive root is 15.0788
    Please see for more discussion.

  11. The Goat Problem

    tomlaidlaw | Profile

    hex has it right.
    3/4 of a 45 ft. radius circle
    +2*79.45/360 of 25 ft. radius circle
    +Area of triangle of sides 25,25,28.28(diagonal of barn)
    -1/2 barn area
    Approx. 5729.5
    See my complete discussion of this puzzle at

  12. How Can this Be?

    AHD | Profile


  13. Where is the Astronomer?

    raybearmass | Profile

    the small boy, due to the position of the eyepiece on the telescope

  14. Heavy Fish

    soumen023 | Profile

    3 heaviest = 35/100
    3 lightest = 25/100 (5/13 of remaining => 25/65 of remaining)
    1 – (35+25)/100 = 40/100 weight remaining
    On Average Each fish should weigh less than 1/3 of 35/100 or 12
    and also weigh more than 1/3 of 25/100 or 8
    Hence 4 fishes should b remaining
    So a total of 10 fishes was caught.