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  1. Dangerous Place

    vagishapurohit | Profile

    NICE RIDDLE :) ):)

  2. Dangerous Place

    RK | Founder | Profile

    Greetings Bobo, Obiwan, engjs1960, and Falwan !!

    These types of questions always bring out clever responses that are just as good and intriguing as the ‘official’ answer! [which is as Obiwan mentions, more people die in bed than anywhere else]

  3. Dangerous Place

    Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Everybody lies.

  4. Dangerous Place

    engjs1960 | Profile

    It just hit me. The best answer to this riddle is “best”. :-)

  5. Dangerous Place

    Obiwan | Profile

    More people die in bed than anywhere else.

  6. Dangerous Place

    Falwan | Profile

    It rhymes with dead…

  7. Mystery Picture, Little Fellow

    Pikachu_2000 | Profile

    It looks like a guy with a evil loooking stuffed animal strapped to his face

  8. When Did it Happen?

    Minimoomadi | Profile

    9:32 a.m.
    12:34 p.m.

  9. Picture Puzzle, Find the Fault, Time will Tell

    Minimoomadi | Profile

    The I is before the X
    Which makes what SHOULD be 9 11!

  10. Hidden in a Fingerprint….

    Minimoomadi | Profile

    Is it a ladybug?
    Or a bird?

  11. Toblerone

    Minimoomadi | Profile

    The bear is carved into the face of the

  12. Hidden Object, Where is the Officer?

    Minimoomadi | Profile

    The little boy walking near the soldier has something that looks like the officers legs.

  13. Complete the sentence, word in necktie

    engjs1960 | Profile

    It was the season for bass but with such heavy seas on they caught none.