School-Safe Puzzle Games

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  1. When Did it Happen?

    Minimoomadi | Profile

    9:32 a.m.
    12:34 p.m.

  2. Picture Puzzle, Find the Fault, Time will Tell

    Minimoomadi | Profile

    The I is before the X
    Which makes what SHOULD be 9 11!

  3. Hidden in a Fingerprint….

    Minimoomadi | Profile

    Is it a ladybug?
    Or a bird?

  4. Complete the sentence, word in necktie

    engjs1960 | Profile

    It was the season for bass but with such heavy seas on they caught none.

  5. Square of the Primes

    MFox | Profile

    (11^2)^2 = 14641, which is a palindrome, so reverse it and take two square roots to get back to 11.

  6. Find the Fault, DRESS-UP

    FALAH | Profile

    the left and the right hands are difrent in the merror

  7. Update 2014

    Falwan | Profile

    Hello to everybody…
    Wish you happyness and peace.

  8. One Question IQ Test

    One Question IQ Test | Guest

    […] Image Source : […]

  9. Seasonal Challenge

    RK | Founder | Profile

    Greetings Falwan!! What a nice surprise!

    Hope you are well!

    It’s been a challenge to keep fresh content coming on, but I do try to add to it periodically :)

  10. Seasonal Challenge

    Falwan | Profile

    Just wanted to say hello !!

    Long time no see.

    How is everybody around the world.

  11. Untouchable 11, Master Challenge!

    Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    This one was a little harder, the solution was tricky for sure! As always not going to reveal any solutions for these, it’s just to satisfying to do these by hand and see the solution with a big rush of relief. I wouldn’t rob anyone of the challenge.

  12. Untouchable 11: An online visual-spatial puzzle contest

    Jerrud Edwin | Profile

    The solution to the 144 cell challenge was very surprising, now to see Carl’s master challenge! =-)