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  1. Zoological Rebus

    JediMasterofScience | Profile

    Bear! oops….thinking of something else!

  2. Mental rotation puzzle

    Cube Fold: Torture or Teacher? | Beyond Injury™ | Guest

    […] to Smart Kit for providing the example I used in this post; Barnes and Noble for stocking the book in which […]

  3. Sculpture, What is it?

    RK | Founder | Profile

    Alphabet soup it is!

  4. Sculpture, What is it?

    imran | Profile

    i think it seems to be a face of some doll
    i want the correct answer

  5. Simple puzzle will confuse all but the accountants

    moorski | Profile

    Best way to look at it is. While the bill cost 25, there was a “tip” to the waiter for 2. So the bill totaled 27. Each woman paid $9. 9 x 3 = 27. 25 (meal) + 2 (tip) = 27

  6. Identical Cars

    seanogary | Profile

    The one coming from the east will wear out its tires first due to the earths rotation.

  7. Find the Fault, DRESS-UP

    Gabbatron3000 | Profile

    Also the waistband thing below the buttons in the mirror, it goes around to her front, but on the back you can see the waistband does not go past her hips….

  8. A Big Ship

    biren19in | Profile

    Where I can find answer?

  9. Lateral Thinking Scenario

    Minolin | Profile

    She shot him with her camera(took a photograph), developed it (dipping in water), and hung the photo of her husband. She then went out with her real husband!

  10. Hidden Object, Where are the Listeners?

    andy75043 | Profile

    No, I lie; I see a fifth in front of her face.

  11. Hidden Object, Where are the Listeners?

    andy75043 | Profile

    I see four I’m sure of: one behind the girl’s shoulder, another behind her head, a third between her chest and the blue-shirted boy’s shoulder, and the fourth by the red-shirted boy’s shoulder. If there are any others, the color shading is too subtle for me to see them.

  12. Where are you?

    Sandyla | Profile

    In the Dutch Mountains

  13. The best game-show math brain teaser and the controversey that surrounded the answer

    brainache | Profile

    On average,player will have goats 2/3 times and car 1/3 times.If both player and host have goats 2/3 times then for those 2/3 times the car must be behind the other(closed) door.Choose to swap and player gets contents of closed door which is 2/3 times the car and 1/3 times a goat.Choose not to swap player gets 1/3 times the car and 2/3 times the goat.Swapping therefore doubles your chances.

  14. Cutting into 7 pieces

    brainache | Profile

    The question is misleading,suggesting the whole square be cut into 7 pieces with 2 straight cuts.IMPOSSIBLE!!!!
    However,cut around the outside of the horseshoe to leave a horseshoe shape,then cut east to west to leave 2″legs” each with 2 rectangles then place over upper piece containing 3 rectangles then cut again leaves 7 pieces each with a rectangle.

  15. ‘Cover the Spot’-the carnival puzzle game.

    RK | Founder | Profile

    yes vagishapurohit, it is certainly possible!!


  16. ‘Cover the Spot’-the carnival puzzle game.

    vagishapurohit | Profile

    WELL I GOT 99.99% BUT NOT 100%. IS IT POSSIBLE???

  17. ‘Cover the Spot’-the carnival puzzle game.

    vagishapurohit | Profile


  18. Dangerous Place

    vagishapurohit | Profile

    NICE RIDDLE :) ):)

  19. Dangerous Place

    RK | Founder | Profile

    Greetings Bobo, Obiwan, engjs1960, and Falwan !!

    These types of questions always bring out clever responses that are just as good and intriguing as the ‘official’ answer! [which is as Obiwan mentions, more people die in bed than anywhere else]

  20. Dangerous Place

    Bobo The Bear | PUZZLE MASTER | Profile

    Everybody lies.

  21. Dangerous Place

    engjs1960 | Profile

    It just hit me. The best answer to this riddle is “best”. :-)

  22. Dangerous Place

    Obiwan | Profile

    More people die in bed than anywhere else.