THE RUNES: The World's Greatest Puzzle

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Here's What Solvers are Saying

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“I am a lifelong puzzle addict and have always been in search of the Holy Grail of all puzzles. I have now found it, The Runes is the most interesting puzzle project I have come across and I am absolutely hooked.”

“I got hooked when I found I could actually do some of the puzzles!!! Then when I found the hidden ones like the Runes Cross, that was when it became an obsession.”

“My first impression was ‘Argghhh, I've no chance’. I then looked at it more carefully and realized that the individual puzzles were doable, so my second impression was ‘yep, those are ok, I can do this’.”

” I thought it should take me until summer break is over.
Now, I'll be glad if I finish this year!!!!”

“For me the magic moment came on page 2 where the green picture could mean any of three things. I identified the picture almost at once but could not see in which of the three directions it might go. And I knew that I had to find out!”

“This should come with a warning label on it. ...It's highly addictive.
I've put it down with good intentions of getting back to life and work. But I couldn't keep away! Now, instead of sleeping, I'm doing the Runes.”

“I took it to Rome with me and sought inspiration in the Forum....
................. aaaagh, there's no escaping the clutches of the Runes!”

“It took three pages before I was fully sold on this. I guess that's probably because I would class myself as a "hard-core" puzzle solver. I didn't see anything particularly interesting on page 1 and page 2 didn't take much longer. It wasn't until page 3 and the "proper" solution for the top keyword that I was hooked. And, of course, I had peeked ahead and seen the awesome complexity of the later pages. Oh, and the mysterious Easter Island Statue that also made it clear that there was a lot more going on here than met the eye.”

“What I have enjoyed is the step-by-step developments of the first few pages leading into the greater challenges as you realise that there is more to each puzzle than you were first led to think - and the buzz of discovery when you realize how it actually works.”

”This is one of the most complex puzzles I have ever encountered. I’ve been working at this since June and feel I'll probably still be here next June too.”

“I am proud to say that I have had my first Eureka moment when everything just slotted into place. I know I still have a long way to go but for now I am bathing in my moment of glory.”

“I’m totally intrigued with this puzzle. Even though I’m nowhere near finished - I'll be sad if I ever get to the end. I now think I need counseling!”

“Great to know that there are still people out there coming across the great quest.....

You have a great adventure before you. It is weird at first trying to solve puzzles without a clue as to what they are about. But it all slowly falls into place, and you will have wonderful "Eureka" moments of discovery when you realize what is going on and what type of puzzle they actually are.
....then comes the moment when they start to interact, and suddenly life isn't so straightforward.”


THE RUNES is a set of 300 new puzzles spread over 27 colorful sheets. However, THE RUNES is entirely unique in that the 300 puzzles link and work together to create more puzzles!

As you progress, you will discover how an ancient mystery starts to reveal itself. Can you solve it?

This elegant puzzle has almost nothing to read. You can start having fun immediately, as there are no instructions.

THE RUNES is extensive, but designed to be solvable by the average puzzle enthusiast. The puzzles progress from straightforward to challenging.

However, help is always close at hand with the new RUNES Forum.

The Forum, which is FREE to purchasers of the puzzle, offers:

[You can view the forum here]


 If you enjoy the variety of puzzles presented on the Smartkit site, then I highly recommend THE RUNES-A truly exceptional puzzle experience!

Special Bonus #1: Smartkit's beautifully illustrated 'Horse Riding Puzzle' in full color on 8.5 x 11 sheets. This puzzle, made famous by P.T. Barnum, intrigued millions of people during the 1800s. Buy THE RUNES today, and we'll include this FREE with your purchase! [click here to play web version]

Special Bonus #2: For a limited time, we will also include the FULL version of Smartkit Sudoku with your order FREE (this game normally costs $9.95)


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